Re-writing our History Book- Thurgood Marshall

Re-writing our History Book- Thurgood Marshall

on Dec6

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Many important  people in our history have not been recognized. One of those people was Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood was an American legend that has not been recognized in our history.  Thurgood was born in 1908. He was also named after his grandfather and he was good at school. His important achievements were joining a company in 1939 and fighting against  the law that said schools were “separate but equal”. Thurgood  won many cases because he was a great lawyer. After his death many people wrote books about the American legend Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood Marshall was an important person in our history.

Thurgood Marshall  was born in 1908. He was named after his grandfather. He was also very intelligent and got good grades  in school. He wanted to make his parents proud. His family did not have much money. so also joined the  NAACP organization to earn money. Thurgood also wanted to be a lawyer. He became a lawyer. He won 29 African American cases and  he was a  great lawyer. After all of that he became the most famous lawyer  in the U.S and he made lots of money.

Near his death he became a judge of the supreme court. Thurgood was also the first  African American to join the supreme court. Thurgood also took 39 cases and won 29 of them. People have written books about Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood died in 1983. Many years later people started telling stories about Thurgood Marshall. We will always remember this  American legend,Thurgood Marshall, for what he did for our country.

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