Re-writing our History Book- Sojourner Truth

Re-writing our History Book- Sojourner Truth

on Dec9

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In the past  there were people that challenged the status quo, and one of them was Sojourner Truth . (Mcloone pg 1) Sojourner truth’s life was  about slavery and selling people.” She had a family, but they were sold to someone else.Sojourner Truth was sold with sheep for $100, and was sold twice as much when she was young.” Her last legacy was fighting for  equal rights for white and black people.In Conclusion Sojourner Truth should be recongized for her contributions .                                                                                                               As a child Sojourner Truth was a slave, and her family was too. However, they were owned by different people. “This means Sojourner Truth grew up  without  a  family.”(Mcloone page2) During her early years Sojourner Truth’s real name was Isabella, but she change it to Sojourner Truth. Her owner said “ if you work for the next 9 years she was going to be free.”   After 9 years had past and the owner said “you’re not going to be free.” As a teenager Sojourner Truth met a man whose name was Thomas they had children together .Then she escaped with her baby, and one year later she was free, and she was not slave . In conclusion Sojourner Truth’s  early life was difficult, but Sojourner Truth’s greatest achievement was giving equal rights.

Sojourner Truth was a person who fought for equal rights for white and black people . (website page 1) “One of the things about Sojourner Truth was that she went places and gave speeches to every place she traveled to.” In conclusion Sojourner Truth helped lots of slaves to have freedom.  Shortly after this Sojourner Truth went to see her old master . One day a bus driver was telling white people to sit on one side and black people on the  other side and  Sojourner  Truth knew that wasn’t write so she stood up and  said stop.’’ Then the bus driver said “move over” Years past and everybody had a equal rights. “The president of the united states gave Sojourner Truth his sign” (website page 1). Sojourner Truth’s time came to an end when she was 86 years old. Sojourner Truth died on November 26, 1883.

In conclusion Sojourner Truth will always be remembered because she fought for  equal rights. Also she will be remembered because she helped slaves (website page 1). Sojourner Truth was born in Swartekill New York, and died on November 26, 1883 at the age 86. Sojourner Truth had a group  that fought for equal rights too. Sojourner Truth inspired woman to fight for equal rights. As it happened Sojourner Truth should be recognized for inspiring woman to fight for equal rights, and because she fought for equal rights for black and white people.



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