Re-writing our History Book- Sarah Winnemucca

Re-writing our History Book- Sarah Winnemucca

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There are many amazing people who aren’t in our history book and Sarah Winnemucca is one of those people. In Sarah’s early life she went to school in California to learn English and Spanish. Sarah was forced to walk 350 miles in winter to Yakama and the Paiutes thought she betrayed them, but she showed them a letter that said, “I have suffered everything but death to come here with this paper.” Then Sarah became famous and spoke 300 times in New England. Sarah Winnemucca is an important person who should be in our history book. Sarah Winnemucca was born near Humboldt lake, Nevada in 1844 October 16. Sarah Winnemucca was also in a tribe called Paiute Indians.

“Growing up Winnemucca had learned to be afraid of white men who looked like owls because of their beards.”(Sonian,pg1) She went to Santa Clara and learned two languages. As she grew up she spoked  two languages and was hired as a translator. In conclusion, Sarah Winnemucca was very intelligent in many things. Sarah Winnemucca greatest achievement was that she wrote a book in history of her people during the first forty years of contact with European Americans. She was the first known Native American women to have written a book. “Eventually she became famous and nearly spoke 300 times around New England.”(Wikipedia,pg1) Lastly, Sarah Winnemucca did something no other Native American women has ever done. The time came for Sarah Winnemucca. Sarah Winnemucca’s husband died because of tuberculosis.” After he died she moved to Henry’s Lake Idaho and then became ill and died on October 16, 1891 in Henry’s Lake Idaho.”(,pg1) Sarah Winnemucca did something important in history because she was the first Native American to written a book and yet she is still not in our history book. As it happened Sarah Winnemucca went through a lot but accomplished something incredible. She should be in our U.S. history book for what she’s done and should have been awarded for it but sadly she isn’t. Lastly, Sarah Winnemucca will always be remembered for what she’s done.  

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      This article will help people know about Sarah Winnemucca

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