Re-writing our History Book- Sacagawea

Re-writing our History Book- Sacagawea

on Nov30

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Sacagawea changed the status quo by challenging men even though she was a women. She was born in 1788 or 1789 in the Rocky Mountains.  Her family was attacked by enemy tribes. She also was a very brave women.

In Sacagawea’s early life, enemies attacked her family and killed her mother. During Sacagawea’s early life, Sacagawea had a baby in February 1805. Her son was called Jean Baptiste.On page 8, the author Adler said,”She traveled with her baby in a cradleboard tied to her back.” Lastly, Sacagawea traveled to the Great Waters with her brother, Chief Cameahwait.

Some important things Sacagawea did was, she convinced native tribes for peacefulness. Sacagawea made people not to have wars anymore because she wanted to have a safe place and also peaceful.The author said,”Sacagawea was the first women to cross the Rocky Mountains.” Also she was a really brave women because she did not give up traveling even though it was a hard winter. Finally, Sacagawea did some really important things.

In Sacagawea’s later life it was the end of Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste and Sacagawea’s journey.In page 48, the author Adler said that,”Sadly Scagawea did not find Cameahwait that spring”. Another fact is, Sacagawea’s friends, the ones that traveled with her to the Rocky Mountains, left. Finally, Sacagawea did not know she would be remembered for all the awesome and amazing things she did.

In conclusion, Sacagawea died in the 1800’s. Even though Sacagawea is not in the history book, she will never be forgotten for all the amazing things she did.

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