Re-writing our History Book- Roberto Clemente

Re-writing our History Book- Roberto Clemente

on Dec2

   Submitted By: Edgar 

 There are a lot of important people, and Roberto was one of them.Roberto’s early life started in Carolina, Puerto Rico .Roberto  was one of the most famous baseball players Roberto was famous, because he was the only person on the baseball team who talked in Spanish.Roberto body was never seen.Roberto should be a person who should be in our history book.

    “When Roberto was a kid life was hard for him.”Roberto was born on August 18, 1934 in Carolina Puerto Rico. As a child Roberto would only play baseball with his friends.At a young age Roberto had to work hard, because he had a lot of jobs to do.In Roberto’s early years Roberto just wanted to be in a  baseball team he did not care if he was a famous.In conclusion, this is why life was hard for him.

      When Roberto joined a baseball team he was an adequate player. Roberto was a person who only spoke in Spanish, so when he wanted to talk he was only able to talk with people who talked in Spanish.(Martina pg 13)Roberto’s greatest achievement was getting to 3,000 careers .”The most dollars the Dodgers have ever spent was 10,000 dollars on Roberto.”(Martina pg 18).Roberto became a adequate player right after he got out of high school.(Martina pg 21)Roberto first played with the Dodgers ,but then he had to play with the Pirates, because the Pirates lost last place, so they got to choose one baseball  player, so they chose Roberto.(Martina pg 28).In conclusion, this is why he was famous.

Roberto Clemente will be remembered for being a good baseball player.Roberto was a good baseball player so he got a reward. Roberto was in a plane crash when he was 37 years old.” Roberto died on December 31, 1972 Roberto once said that he wanted to be remembered for being the best baseball player so they put him in the hall of fame of baseball on 1973. In conclusion, this is why he was remembered forever.

Roberto will still be remembered, but he is still not in our history book.When Roberto was a kid his life was hard.Roberto was so good that he got a reward.Roberto will still after  his death remembered .In conclusion, this is why he is remembered.       

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