Re-writing our History Book- Rachel Carson

Re-writing our History Book- Rachel Carson

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Rachel Carson is a person who is part of our history. In her early life she was born poor. Rachel showed DDT was harmful to the environment. Rachel Carson inspired women to be biologist. Rachel Carson was a very important person in history.

As a child Rachel Carson was raised poor and had nowhere to live .’’Rachel loved to explore and finding fossils.’’(Shatz,18).  As a worker, Rachel loved to explore fields and lakes to find stones. She made her own book when she was 10 years old. In college, she was learning about marine. She was the only woman that was studying marine. She was born on a abandoned farm and had to love nature. Rachel Carson had a rough education and childhood.

Rachel’s greatest achievement was stopping people using DDT. Rachel  found out  that it was harmful to the environment. “She had to go to congress to fight the company of DDT. ’’(Shatz,18). Rachel began to write the danger of DDT. Soon the DDT company was abandoned and nobody used that product again. Rachel wrote another book called Silent spring that talked about  DDT and how it was dangerous to the environment .  Rachel will be remembered most for stopping people using DDT.

  ‘’Soon after words people started naming her a hero. ’’(Shatz,14). She wrote articles and stories. The time came for her to die. She died in April 14, 1964. Rachel had cancer in her lungs. She died at a young age. People named her a hero because she helped them stop using DDT.

   In conclusion, Rachel Carson was a person who was in our History. Rachel was the only one who worked as a biologist.Rachel Carson helped people to not use DDT.  Rachel Carson will always be remembered for saving people. Rachel Carson was in our History.

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      Nov 30, 2016


      great job I had know idea she did amazing things in us history.

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