Re-writing our History Book- Malcolm X

Re-writing our History Book- Malcolm X

on Dec9

Submitted By: Frankie

There is a man named Malcolm X who is not in my history book. When Malcolm X  was a little boy he had to rob food from stores in Lansing. He started fighting for civil rights. Towards the end of his life, Malcolm X inspired people to fight for civil rights. Malcolm X was an influential person in our history.

“As a child Malcolm X  had a poor family and he had to rob food from stores in Lansing’’(Greenspan,3). When Malcolm X was a teenager he started doing drugs and dealing with gambling and prostitution rackets. When Malcolm X was 19 he got arrested for the first time for stealing his half-sister’s fur coat. When Malcolm X was leaving prison, in 1952, he moved to his brother’s house and he attend the local nation of Islam. Although his childhood was difficult Malcolm X still succeeded.

“One of the interesting things about Malcolm X is that Malcolm X dropped his name Little, which he consider a “slave” name in favor of the letter X(Greenspan,4). A few months later, he left his organization, traveled to  Mecca, and discovered  that orthodox Muslims reach equality of the races, which led him to break-up the argument that whites are devils. Having to returned to america as Etta J Malik El-Shabazz, he remained convinced that racism had carried the spirit of the  american and that only blacks could free themselves.

“ In New York City Malcolm X and a African American nationalist and  religious leader were assassinated by rival Black Muslims. In the evening of Febraury 21, 1955, at the Audson Ballroom in Madattan, where Malcolm X was about to deliver a speech. Three gunmen rushed to the stage and shot him 15 times at point blank range. Malcolm was pronounced dead  on arrival at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital shortly after. He was 39 years old. The three men convicted of the assassination of Malcolm X were all members of the Nation of Islam.

Many years later  Malcolm X will always be remembered because he fought for Civil Rights.

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