Re-writing our History Book- Harriet Tubman

Re-writing our History Book- Harriet Tubman

on Nov30

Submitted By: Patricia

Although not many people know about Harriet Tubman, she is an important person in the U.S history. In Harriet Tubman’s early life she worked hard even though she was too young. Even though she suffered she worked hard to get people out of slavery. Harriet Tubman’s life ended by her telling everybody to stand up for themselves. Harriet Tubman was an important women in our U.S history book.

As a child Harriet Tubman had to hold messages far away, and if she took too much time she would be punished. Also, when Harriet Tubman was sick she would be sent by her boss to check the cold water and the animals. Additionally, when Harriet Tubman was nine she had to work on fields like other older people. Lastly, “Harriet Tubman never forgot how two of her older sisters had been sold to a slave owner that live on south” (Sabin, 14) Harriet Tubman’s life was not a good time.

One interesting thing about Harriet Tubman is that when she heard stories about people taking rides to freedom she thought that one day she will get a ride to freedom too. Also, when Harriet Tubman was fifteen she suffered, and had bad injuries. Then, “ When Harriet’s injury past her boss wanted to give her away to a slave owner.” (Sabin, 22) Additionally, after the accident Mr. Bodas tried to sell her again, but she said no because nd

she wanted to stay with her family. Even though these were difficulties for her she helped a lot of people from being slaves. This is how Harriet Tubman helped people.

The time came when Harriet Tubman married a free black American in 1844, so she could be free and her family too. Also, she got to help a little bit of people, but not that much. Additionally, “She lead more than 300 slaves to freedom.’’ (Sullivan, pg 79) Finally, some people got to be free, but not all of them, because other people kept  trading slaves. This is how she ended her life and helped people from slavery.

Harriet Tubman will always be remembered, because she helped people get out of slavery. In Harriet Tubman’s early life she worked hard. Harriet Tubman helped  a lot of people from being slaves. In her later life she told people to stand up for themselves, and be strong.

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