Re-writing our History Book- Dred Scott

Re-writing our History Book- Dred Scott

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Many black people were never recognized in U.S history and one of those people was Dred Scott.During his early years Dred Scott worked really hard and he never gave up to be free and failed but never stopped. He will be most remembered for inspiring black people that they can’t be treated badly. That they can stand up for themselves instead of being treated badly. The time came for Dred Scott to go to court and be free. He went to court and was challenged against John Emerson’s wife and won with the one piece of evidence that he was being treated like a white man. As it happened,Dred Scott was never recognized in U.S history.

        “Scott’s lawyer argued that because Scott had lived in Illinois,where slavery was not legal,he was entitled to his freedom.”(Hudson,19)During his early years,a majority opinion said that just because he was black he had no rights of which a white man could respect.Dred Scott was sold to a man named John Emerson who was a man who served in the U.S army as a surgeon. In 1837,Emerson took Scott to Fort Snelling,located in what now is the state of Minnesota ,and was then in the free state of Wisconsin. Dred Scott also got married to a woman named Harriet Robinson.As it happened,he was entitled to his freedom.

          “In 1840,Dred Scott left Fort Snelling,never to come back again.”(Shsmo,1)He will be most remembered for inspiring black people that they can’t be treated badly,that they can stand up for themselves instead of being treated worse and worse.One of the most interesting things about Dred Scott is that he never stops trying to be free and he inspires black people.Emerson’s wife took the Scotts as hired slaves,but Dred Scott went to court to be free and he won.Dred Scott also fought in a war.In conclusion,he left Fort Snelling,never to come back again and became free.

   “Eventually,they would two sons,but neither survived past infancy.”(Bomis,1)Shortly after this,Dred Scott did not join the army,but fought in a war, and surprisingly survived.One day,Dred Scott and Harriet Robinson returned to Fort Snelling(even though Dred Scott said he wasn’t coming back)and restored their headquarters.So then,they got turned into slaves and Dred Scott sued the person successfully.The time came for Dred Scott’s death.He died from tubercolosis.In conclusion,his sons and Dred Scott died.

                 Dred Scott will always be remembered because he inspired black people.He told them they can’t be treated badly.He told them to stand up for themselves. To never give up on trying to be free.As it happened,he will always be remembered.

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