Re-writing our History Book- Billie Jean King

Re-writing our History Book- Billie Jean King

on Nov30

Submitted By: Alejandra

There are important people who are not in our history books Billie Jean King is one of them. In her early life she grew up with an athletic family. In contributions to U.S. History Billie showed women that  women and men are equal,and fought for gay,lesbian rights. Woman got inspired by billie and knew they could do anything. Later in life Billie jean died in 1968 by old age and got rewarded later by the president Obama. Billie Jean King was a inspiring person in our history.

As a child Billie Jean King was born on November, 22 1943 in Long Beach California.” Billie was 12 years old when she had her first lesson and knew right away she wanted to be a tennis  player” (Sanchez,2).Billie’s family all played a sport Billie’s dad was in the NBA Billie’s mother was a swimmer, and Billie’s sister a major League baseball pitcher. By 1976 Billie was top female tennis player.Even though it was hard for Billie to be top female tennis player she made it.

Billie Jean King  has a great achievement a man named Bobby Riggs told her to have a battle to see who’s better woman or men,but Billie said no she did not want to distract herself. “Then Bobby was bullying her on public so she said yes and she  won”.(Sanchez,2) All the people were cheering and also Billie knew that she had done something to prove that men and woman were equal. Billie was also gay she was the first person who stood up and was brave to say that. She thought that maybe her career would end but it did not. Billie knew that there were people around the world who were maybe gay so she worked hard so gay people could get rights too.  It was hard for Billie to say she was gay, but gladly she continued her career.                 

After  “The battle of the sexes” “Billie Jean King  won 30 major singles and mixed doubles,championships” ( Then the day came when she died in 1968. She had died of old age. After her death in 2009 she received a award from Obama for all that work she did for gay people and showing women that they could do same as men. Billie Jean has also a holiday to honor her.

           As it happened Billie Jean King became very inspiring. As a child Billie liked tennis because she had her first lesson and then picked up the hobby and then became top female. Billie supported gay right, and showed waman hey could do the same as men. She also got that medal because we know she did hard work for gay and for inspiring woman. Billie Jean King will always be remembered because  she was a model for everyone.



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