Re-writing our History Book- John Brown

Re-writing our History Book- John Brown

on Dec5

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Although many people don’t know who John Brown is, he should be a famous person because he helped slaves. As a young boy going through places such as Michigan, John Brown saw a boy getting beaten up and it made him want to help slaves. Later in life John Brown was killed for his acts against slavery. In conclusion, John Brown is an important person in our world history.

John Brown was born on May 9,1800 in Torrington, Connecticut. During his early years, he traveled  through places such as Michigan. John Brown saw an African American boy getting beaten up badly.It made John Brown want to fight aganst slavery. John Brown also practiced Calvinism which means he wanted to help people. In conclusion, he saw bad things in his life and end slavery.

The things he did was to help slaves, and he gave land to  people who were  slaves. John helped slaves and protected them the underground railroad. John Brown told slaves to use this tunnel so they could be free from being slaves. John Brown was arrested for his acts helping slaves. People did not like the way he looked and the things he did. People thought that he was crazy. In conclusion, John Brown helped many slaves.

      Later in life John Brown moved to Kansas to help people who didn’t want slavery in that area. In 1856, John Brown fed a group of people who were enslaved people from Missouri. John Brown believed that using violence to end slavery was good. John Brown helped a lot of slaves.

In conclusion, John Brown was born on May 9, 1800 in Torrington, Connecticut. As 12-year-old boy going to places such as Michigan John Brown saw a boy baeten. John Brown strongly believed that slavery was wrong.On the night of October 16,1859 Brown attacked the armory of the Harper. John Brown fought all his life to end slavery.

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