Re-writing Our History Book-Cesar Chavez

Re-writing Our History Book-Cesar Chavez

on Nov16

Cesar Chavez
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There are many people who did not get recognized in history and Cesar Chavez is one of them. Cesar Chavez lived in a house with his mom and dad they were not rich; they were poor. Cesar Chavez thought it was ok  for Mexican people to vote and for farm workers to have a fair payment for what they did. Cesar Chavez was then recognized with awards, and he married his love and had 8 children. Cesar Chavez was a great person to U.S history and should be recognized in our history book.

“Cesario Estrada Chavez was born March 31,1927, the oldest son of Librado and Juana Estrada Chavez .”(Robert,7) As a child Cesar Chavez´s dad was a slave in Chihuahua, Mexico. In the 1930s, a man tricked Cesar´s dad, so they lost all their land, and had to to get enough money. Since Mr. Chavez had very little money he bartered or exchanged, so in 1933 when Vicky was born (Cesar´s little sister) he paid the doctor with watermelons. Mrs. Chavez could not read nor write but she was really wise and she also had good advice and she taught Cesar about no fighting nonviolence.

Cesar Chavez´s greatest achievement was La Causa “It was the name given to the workers movement that was started by Cesar Chavez in 1962.”

(Robert, 23) Cesar’s dad and Cesar both thought it was ok to stand for your rights. Cesar Chavez thought that it didn’t matter from where you were you should have the rights to do what other people could do. Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr both supported Cesar Chavez and La Causa. The struggle continued back home with more boycotts and picketing. There was also threats to kill Cesar and some union workers. Cesar Chavez would do anything for people to support La Causa.

Many years later Cesar Chavez tried another grape boycott he didn’t eat for 35 days before being convinced by others to start eating again. When Cesar Chavez returned from military he married Helen Fabela his one true love. After a few years Cesar Chavez and Helen Fabela had eight children.  After thinking about it they moved to San Jose, California. “Although the UFW (United Farm Workers) faltered a few years after Cesar Chavez died in April 1993 they still had power and regained that power that they lost when Cesar Chavez died.”(Wikipedia,1)

Cesar Chavez will always be remembered because of what he did for Mexicans and farm workers. Even though he was poor as a child he still always tried to help his family. He also inspired many people not only Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and the farm workers but he inspired millions of people all over the world. After getting married, and having eight children and moving to San Jose, California his time came, and died in April 23, 1993. Even today we remember him for what he did for Mexicans and farm workers, and millions of people all over the world.

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      This paragraph is a great inspiration to help people know about Cesar Chavez

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      This paragraph will help people know about Cesar Chavez

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