Re-wring our History Books- Lucy Parson

Re-wring our History Books- Lucy Parson

on Dec9

Submitted by: Jayden

There is someone significant who is not in our history books. Lucy Parson was an important person. Lucy Parson worked for people to have equal rights. Lucy Parson never quit she was kept fighting to have a fair place.

hAs a child Lucy Gonzalez Parson was born in Texas during the civil War. She was Native American, Mexican and African American. Lucy and her husband moved to Chicago Illinois. On May l886 Lucy and her family was March 80,000 people down streets Chicago. Lucy parson was helping people. Lucy parson standing up for people.

In spite Lucy Parson said to the farmers that do want to take a break and get paid. People were following her everywhere. People were following Lucy outside in the halls to try to stop her from speaking. A police said to Lucy that she was more dangerous than 10,000 rioters. Lucy wasn’t not able to free husband but she never quit for her justice. Lucy did not quit for her.

The time about  Lucy Parson when she grew up Lucy married a white man name Albert Parson. Even though it was against the law for people to marry outside their race. Lucy wasn’t able to free her husband but she never give up. She claimed that she was born with her daughter Mexican Maria del John in creek Indian. Lucy did not quit.                                                 

In conclusion, Lucy Parson is famous for fighting to have a fair workplace for all American people. Lucy Parson was not quitting for her Justice to. Lucy Parson was standing up for a lot of people.                      


Lucy wasn’t able to free her husband but she never gave up.

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