Re-witing our History Book- Severo Ochoa

Re-witing our History Book- Severo Ochoa

on Dec2

Submitted by: Bryan

There are many people in .U.S history that are important too. Severo Ochoa was also an important person. When Severo was young, he grew up without a father. Severo was known for a very famous medicine. When severo got older he got awarded for biography in 1959. Severo Ochoa was not in the history book but he is an important  person too.

During his early years ‘’ Severo Ochoa was born on September 24, 1905 , in Luarca , Asturias, in Spain.’’ ( Editors,1)  Severo Ochoa’s father died on 1912 when Severo was almost 8 years old.  When Severo’s  dad was still alive he was a lawyer and a businessman.  Severo Ochoa went to a school that had a lot of science, also he became a scientist there. Severo Ochoa’s early life was interesting and a little sad.

Severo Ochoa will be remembered most for that ‘’on 1937 he held a Ray Lankester investigatorship at the plymouth marine Biological laboratory and from 1938 until 1941 he worked on the biological function of vitamin B with professor R A.’’ (johnson,1)  Severo Ochoa made RNA which was medicine for some sick people.  Severo Ochoa’s research uses a lot of energy.  Severo Ochoa loves being a scientist because he has been studying RNA , and what it would do people with his partner.  Severo Ochoa became a scientist because he wanted to help people from illness.  Severo Ochoa should be in history book because he helped people.

‘’The time came for Severo Ochoa because once he got older he stopped being a scientist’’. (Jonson,1) Severo Ochoa got awarded on 1959 of the nobel prize also he was a spanish scientist.  In 1959 Severo Ochoa got another award for Biography.  When Severo’s wife left him, he quit being a scientist. Then Severo was getting older, on 1993 November,1 he died by age.  On Severo’s final years was interesting and sad.

In conclusion, Severo Ochoa was in important person but he was not in the history book. As a child Severo was born on September 24, 1905 in Luarca, Asturias, in spain.’’ His greatest achievement was when he made a medicine that was RNA. The time came for Several Ochoa because he died on 1993.

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