Genius Hour

Genius Hour

on Jan9

Genius Hour

By Jonathan


In our classroom we do Genius hour. Usually we do Genius hour on Friday, 11:30-12:00. During that time we get together with our group members and make a project like a rocket ship or a volcano. First, we make a question like,”Which bridge design is strongest?”. Then we make a hypothesis. An example is,”I think big squares will make my design strong.” Additionally, we then put plan/observe what worked/didn’t. Furthermore, we record like,” The triangle design was much stronger and held 3x more weight.” Last, we conclude like someone said,” I would recommend engineers use triangle structures instead of squares for stronger structures.” When we fail we don’t fail, we learn from our mistakes and next time fix those mistakes. This helps us to know its ok to fail- not everyone will do it the first time. Also it shows how people can be creative. In conclusion, this is what Genius Hour is in our classroom.


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