Re-wring our History Books- Lucy Parson

by pumaeditor | on Dec 9

Submitted by: Jayden There is someone significant who is not in our history books. Lucy Parson was an important person. Lucy ...

Re-writing our History Book- Malcolm X

by pumaeditor | on Dec 9

Submitted By: Frankie There is a man named Malcolm X who is not in my history book. When Malcolm X  was ...

Re-writing our History Book- Sojourner Truth

by pumaeditor | on Dec 9

Submitted By: Isaac In the past  there were people that challenged the status quo, and one of them was Sojourner Truth ...

Re-writing our History Book- Dolores Huerta

by pumaeditor | on Dec 8

Submitted By: Alex There are many important women in our history, and Dolores Huerta is one of them. She thought people ...


by pumaeditor | on Dec 7

  Submitted by Vanessa           We have done lots of artwork. You may have seen it  outside our wall ...

Re-writing our History Book- Thurgood Marshall

by pumaeditor | on Dec 6

Submitted By: Diego Many important  people in our history have not been recognized. One of those people was Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood ...

Re-writing our History Book- John Brown

by pumaeditor | on Dec 5

Submitted by Josue Although many people don’t know who John Brown is, he should be a famous person because he helped ...

Re-writing our History Book- Roberto Clemente

by pumaeditor | on Dec 2

   Submitted By: Edgar   There are a lot of important people, and Roberto was one of them.Roberto’s early life started in ...

Re-writing our History Book- Sonia Sotomayor

by pumaeditor | on Dec 2

Submitted By: Allison There is someone that is important that is not in our history book. Sonia was born as the ...

Re-witing our History Book- Severo Ochoa

by pumaeditor | on Dec 2

Submitted by: Bryan There are many people in .U.S history that are important too. Severo Ochoa was also an important person. ...

Re-writing our History Book- Harriet Tubman

by pumaeditor | on Nov 30

Submitted By: Patricia Although not many people know about Harriet Tubman, she is an important person in the U.S history. In ...

Re-writing our History Book- Rachel Carson

by pumaeditor | on Nov 30

Submitted By: Alejandro Rachel Carson is a person who is part of our history. In her early life she was born ...

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