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       We have done lots of artwork. You may have seen it  outside our wall or in our classroom. We have done art that tells who we are and about science. Therefore, my classmates have done a lot of art project.

One art project we have done is plant cells/animal cells. The first thing we had to do was do research. We look for information in our text books. The next thing we had to do was draw a plant cell/animal cell. When we were done coloring we had to label. The last thing we did was to write the job that the cells do inside the body. It’s a fun project and you can learn from it too.

Another art project was to do marbleized paper. The marbleized paper was a project about the Exxon Valdez. After we did a summary, we did an art project. It required oil, food coloring, a tray, and paper. First, we poured water in the tray. Next, we grabbed a jar that had food coloring and oil and put it in the water that’s in the tray. Lastly, we put the the paper on the tray and the paper comes out with beautiful colors on it. That art project was fun and easy to do.

     Lastly, we did a art project tracing our hands. We traced our hands all the way to our elbows. Then, we did little drawing and wrote inside the hand about our favorite things like what our favorite food, color, sport, activities, and other things. Lastly, we cut them out and put it on our wall of art. This project was about letting people know about you better.

These art projects help people get to know us, to learn about some things, and for people to see our artwork. Our class has worked hard and have fun doing this. Now you have cool and fun ideas to do for an art project.

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